Our Approach

Because of our unique structure, the CrossTech Ventures team is very flexible in the way that it engages with entrepreneurs to help build their businesses.  With depth in expertise in finance, sales and marketing, IT, new marketing, and operations we are capable to get involved as much or as little as makes sense to initiate a venture.

When deciding to engage with a venture we look at the following criteria -
  • Vision - we want to understand the vision of the entrepreneur and to test the validity of that vision
  • Expertise - we look to understand the level of expertise that the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team bring to the venture
  • Opportunity - we look to understand the scope of the opportunity and the ability to build a large and successful venture
  • Team - more than anything we need to make sure that the team is a team that fits well with our team and can work well with our team.
At CrossTech Ventures, we look for opportunities that are taking advantage of disruptive technologies to identify new opportunities.  We do not believe that a venture needs to be first and a trail blazer to be successful but instead needs to capitalize on the opportunity to take advantage of new and disruptive technologies to capture a marketplace.

Our decision process is simple.  The team evaluates each opportunity that presents itself.  If it is decided that the venture warrants pursuing then each team member engages where each fits in.

Portfolio Companies

Below is a sampling of the companies that have been a part of the CrossTech Ventures organization.

The Pulse Network
CrossTech Forums
CrossTech Partners
CrossTech Media
New Marketing Labs
KMS Media Partners