Exploring Second Circle Innovation

CrossTech Ventures funds business and technology services that innovate with Second Circle Technology.

Portfolio Companies

Below is a sampling of the companies that have been a part of the CrossTech Ventures organization.

The Pulse Network
CrossTech Forums
CrossTech Partners
CrossTech Media
New Marketing Labs
KMS Media Partners

In The News

CrossTech Ventures Acquires KMS Media Partners

BOSTON, MA -- CrossTech Ventures (CTV) today announced it has acquired KMS Media Partners. KMS Media Partners (KMS) is a full service digital media management firm representing talent, traditional media companies and online media startups.

Jason E. Chudnofsky Announced as President of CrossTech Media LLC - Boston Area Event Producer

CANTON, MA--(Marketwire - January 24, 2011) - Stephen Saber, CEO of CrossTech Ventures, has announced the appointment of Jason E. Chudnofsky as President of the company's event and conference unit, CrossTech Media LLC.

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Who We Are

CrossTech Ventures is a boutique venture investment firm.  Unlike traditional venture investment firms, we invest human capital and expertise into a business.  We partner with entrepreneurs to position them in the best possible way for success by providing guidance, back-office support, IT and development support, and sales and marketing expertise.

Why we are different

The CrossTech Ventures Team looks for partners who are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a market shift to start, grow, and build a business.   We look to get involved with our partner and to become deeply engaged in the process of developing the business.  We allow an entrepreneur to focus on what they do best (whether that is product development, ideation, business development, or organizational development), and then provide a team to support the development and growth of the business.